Sunday, May 2, 2010

Social Networking

Social Networking is very important in todays society, it allows us to do things and communicate with more people on a daily basis, and mostly everyone takes part in social networking in some form or fashion. Social Networking is very beneficial.

Of course the most popular social networking site today is Facebook. Almost all of my friends and basically everyone that I know is on Facebook. Personally I am not on Facebook but just because I am not subscribed to it doesn't mean that i don't use it or know how. But my favorite of all the Social Networking sites would have to be Skype because you can instant message and video chat and the video chat is like the coolest thing ever because no matter where you are or where the person is you want to chat with you can video chat with them and see them so its kind of like you are talking to them in person. Also MySpace is a pretty large social networking site because before Facebook everyone used to be on MySpace and just to show an example of how these sites can be helpful I found one of my cousins on MySpace almost two years ago that at that point and time I had not talked to for like five or six years.

Also just some interesting stats that I found on the internet is that on November 3, 2008, the day before the Unites States Presidential Election, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama had 2,379,102 Facebook supporters while Republican candidate John McCain had 620,359 and Barack Obama had 833,161 MySpace friends and John McCain had 217,811 friends. As you can see Social Networking is very important and it allows you an opportunity to promote yourself.

Los Angeles Lakers: It's All Good in Hollywood.

It's all good in Hollywood. After a highly contested series against Kevin Durant and the young and rising Oklahoma City Thunder the Los Angeles Lakers opened up the second round with a win over Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers closed out the Thunder Friday night with a 95 to 94 victory over them in Oklahoma City. Most people figured that this series would go the full seven games but me being a Laker fan I didn't expect it to go seven games but I was kind of concerned with the Thunder because they are young and athletic and presented many problems for the Lakers. I was telling many of those who thought the Lakers were going to lose to the Thunder that the Lakers did the same thing last year on their road to a championship when the Houston Rockets took them to a game seven in LA without their two superstars Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, so no worries on my end. The Thunder will have their time to advance further in the playoffs but right now it is the Lakers time to shine and keep on advancing throughout the playoffs.

The Lakers opened up a series today against the Utah Jazz. I expect them to beat the Jazz in five games and move on the the Western Conference Finals and face the winner of the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns in which i expect the Suns to win that series in seven games. The Lakers had a convincing lead over the Jazz but they let their guard down for a while and let the Jazz claw all the way back to take a lead in the 4th quarter. But the Lakers closed the game on a 15 t0 6 run to win the game 104-99. As long as we have Kobe Bryant under contract it is all good in Hollywood and by the way he just signed an extension for three more years worth somewhere around eighty million dollars.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New iPhone 4g: Rumors or Reality?

Considering that I traded my beloved BlackBerry Tour in for an iPhone 3G just a few weeks ago I am kind of upset and happy at the same time. I am happpy because I now have the phone I have always wanted since it came out but I am kind of upset because the iPhone 4G is rumored to be coming out this summer somtime in July.

The new iPhone rumors started after a guy found the concept iPhone in a bar in Redwood City. Compared to the iPhone 3G and 3GS it is significantly better and has many new features. It now has a front facing video chat camera,higher megapixel camera in the back,camera flash, improved display, and a larger battery just to name a few of the new attributes. The reason for believing that this is actually the new iPhone instead of it just being a rumor is because Apple connected John Gruber stated that Apple has indeed lost a prototpe iPhone and they want it back. The screen is another reason for believing that this is the new iPhone 4g because the screen resolution is much more higher than the newest iPhone the 3GS. Also the iPhone that is speculated to be the iPhone 4G runs on 4.0 operating system that is also higher the the 3GS.

I plan on getting this new iPhone soon as it comes out even though i just signed a two year contract two saturdays ago. I hope this phone is all it is mentioned to be because I really want it and am willing to pay full price for it whether it be 500 or 600 dollars. I believe it is much more than a rumor but just the way it was discovered is probably why people just believe it is a rumor, Apple should have announced the beginning process of coming out with a new iPhone before someone lost it in a bar. Hopefull the new iPhone 4G is a reality and not just a rumor!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Smartphones... Cant live without them

Almost every one that is old enough and able to buy a cell phone has one. Most households to everyone just has a cell phone and no landline because that's how it is at my house. Cell phones have advanced so much from when they first came out you barely could do anything else with them but call, but now we practically live our lives through our cell phone because I can remember losing my cell phone a few times and also remembering how miserable I felt without it. Now cell phones allow you to text, browse the internet, check email, watch and record videos, its just so much that phones can do its almost unbelievable. We call these advanced phones Smartphones. There are many different types of Smartphones such as iPhones, HTC's and Blackberrys just to name a few.

Other features of Smartphones include expaned memory like for example the iPhone has different phone with either a 16 gig or 32 gig just for storing personal information. Gps is also another feature that is very helpful in the phones we use today because you can just use your phone to help navigate you on a road trip instead of buying a gps system for your car if it doesnt already come with one. In a few years i believe you will be able to see the person you are texting or holding a conversation with on the phone maybe by virtual images or something of that nature. With the way people use cell phones today i think we should just have a phone book with all cell phone numbers. My preference for Smartphones is the one that i have now and that would be a Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Tour, I havent had it for that long maybe only about four months now and I love my Tour. It just allows me to do so much stuff that you cant normally do on regualr phones like text multiple people at once and all my school and personal emails come right to my phone. My Blackberry is like a computer that fits in my pocket that i take with me everywhere i go. Smartphones are here to stay and they are only getting smarter which makes them even hareder to live without.

NBA Playoffs or NCAA Tournament?

NBA Playoffs or NCAA Tournament? It's your choice whichever one you like the best but both are very exciting. My choice would have to be the NCAA Tournament because i like to see upsets and they rarely ever happen in the NBA but they happen almost every year in the NCAA Tournament. The last time a team got upset in the NBA Playoffs was in 2007 when the last seeded Golden State Warriors beat the top seeded Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs in a seven game series. Their have been plenty off upsets this year in the college tournament because only one number one seed has made it to the Final Four. This year in the NCAA Tournament Kansas lost to the University of Northern Iowa a relatively small school compared to the competition and Syracuse lost to Butler. Those a just a few of the many upsets that have happened this year in the college tournament. Even though my choice is the NCAA over the NBA that doesnt mean that the NBA is a good game though. The NBA players are much more skilled and athletic so it makes for a much better game but when wathcing the NBA playoffs pretty much the best teams always win on a nightly basis, but when watching the college tournament you should expect the unexpected. So can it be that Butler will be our 2010 National Champions?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piney Woods Celebrations

Piney Woods Celebrations
I came across this website and cultural exhibit just by simply typing in cultural exhibits at USM in the Google search bar. The information I discovered about the Piney Woods Celebration is very interesting and I probably would have never heard or known anything about this if it wasn’t for this class and it has happened right here in Mississippi before. This exhibit like the website says has numerous events that bring communities together such as holidays, dinners, powwows, family reunions, and hunting clubs. The exhibit was funded through grants. It first opened at the 1999 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This exhibit shows different kinds of celebrations in the Piney Woods area of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida parishes. Piney Woods celebrates a lot of different things. Piney Woods celebrate the land, holy days and holidays, community and heritage and they celebrate with food and music. By celebrating the land for example they would have rodeos, show cattle competitions and cow dress ups. They celebrate Holy days and Holidays by just having community celebrations, bunch of people will just gather for a specific purpose. They celebrate community and heritage by having events such as Native Americans powwows. Last but not least they celebrate with food and music by having all different kinds of musical entertainment ranging from gospel to bluegrass and country and for the food of course since it is an event that takes place in the south you have to know that their will be barbeque.