Sunday, May 2, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers: It's All Good in Hollywood.

It's all good in Hollywood. After a highly contested series against Kevin Durant and the young and rising Oklahoma City Thunder the Los Angeles Lakers opened up the second round with a win over Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers closed out the Thunder Friday night with a 95 to 94 victory over them in Oklahoma City. Most people figured that this series would go the full seven games but me being a Laker fan I didn't expect it to go seven games but I was kind of concerned with the Thunder because they are young and athletic and presented many problems for the Lakers. I was telling many of those who thought the Lakers were going to lose to the Thunder that the Lakers did the same thing last year on their road to a championship when the Houston Rockets took them to a game seven in LA without their two superstars Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, so no worries on my end. The Thunder will have their time to advance further in the playoffs but right now it is the Lakers time to shine and keep on advancing throughout the playoffs.

The Lakers opened up a series today against the Utah Jazz. I expect them to beat the Jazz in five games and move on the the Western Conference Finals and face the winner of the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns in which i expect the Suns to win that series in seven games. The Lakers had a convincing lead over the Jazz but they let their guard down for a while and let the Jazz claw all the way back to take a lead in the 4th quarter. But the Lakers closed the game on a 15 t0 6 run to win the game 104-99. As long as we have Kobe Bryant under contract it is all good in Hollywood and by the way he just signed an extension for three more years worth somewhere around eighty million dollars.

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