Thursday, April 29, 2010

New iPhone 4g: Rumors or Reality?

Considering that I traded my beloved BlackBerry Tour in for an iPhone 3G just a few weeks ago I am kind of upset and happy at the same time. I am happpy because I now have the phone I have always wanted since it came out but I am kind of upset because the iPhone 4G is rumored to be coming out this summer somtime in July.

The new iPhone rumors started after a guy found the concept iPhone in a bar in Redwood City. Compared to the iPhone 3G and 3GS it is significantly better and has many new features. It now has a front facing video chat camera,higher megapixel camera in the back,camera flash, improved display, and a larger battery just to name a few of the new attributes. The reason for believing that this is actually the new iPhone instead of it just being a rumor is because Apple connected John Gruber stated that Apple has indeed lost a prototpe iPhone and they want it back. The screen is another reason for believing that this is the new iPhone 4g because the screen resolution is much more higher than the newest iPhone the 3GS. Also the iPhone that is speculated to be the iPhone 4G runs on 4.0 operating system that is also higher the the 3GS.

I plan on getting this new iPhone soon as it comes out even though i just signed a two year contract two saturdays ago. I hope this phone is all it is mentioned to be because I really want it and am willing to pay full price for it whether it be 500 or 600 dollars. I believe it is much more than a rumor but just the way it was discovered is probably why people just believe it is a rumor, Apple should have announced the beginning process of coming out with a new iPhone before someone lost it in a bar. Hopefull the new iPhone 4G is a reality and not just a rumor!!

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