Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Piney Woods Celebrations


Piney Woods Celebrations
I came across this website and cultural exhibit just by simply typing in cultural exhibits at USM in the Google search bar. The information I discovered about the Piney Woods Celebration is very interesting and I probably would have never heard or known anything about this if it wasn’t for this class and it has happened right here in Mississippi before. This exhibit like the website says has numerous events that bring communities together such as holidays, dinners, powwows, family reunions, and hunting clubs. The exhibit was funded through grants. It first opened at the 1999 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This exhibit shows different kinds of celebrations in the Piney Woods area of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida parishes. Piney Woods celebrates a lot of different things. Piney Woods celebrate the land, holy days and holidays, community and heritage and they celebrate with food and music. By celebrating the land for example they would have rodeos, show cattle competitions and cow dress ups. They celebrate Holy days and Holidays by just having community celebrations, bunch of people will just gather for a specific purpose. They celebrate community and heritage by having events such as Native Americans powwows. Last but not least they celebrate with food and music by having all different kinds of musical entertainment ranging from gospel to bluegrass and country and for the food of course since it is an event that takes place in the south you have to know that their will be barbeque.

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