Thursday, April 1, 2010

Smartphones... Cant live without them

Almost every one that is old enough and able to buy a cell phone has one. Most households to everyone just has a cell phone and no landline because that's how it is at my house. Cell phones have advanced so much from when they first came out you barely could do anything else with them but call, but now we practically live our lives through our cell phone because I can remember losing my cell phone a few times and also remembering how miserable I felt without it. Now cell phones allow you to text, browse the internet, check email, watch and record videos, its just so much that phones can do its almost unbelievable. We call these advanced phones Smartphones. There are many different types of Smartphones such as iPhones, HTC's and Blackberrys just to name a few.

Other features of Smartphones include expaned memory like for example the iPhone has different phone with either a 16 gig or 32 gig just for storing personal information. Gps is also another feature that is very helpful in the phones we use today because you can just use your phone to help navigate you on a road trip instead of buying a gps system for your car if it doesnt already come with one. In a few years i believe you will be able to see the person you are texting or holding a conversation with on the phone maybe by virtual images or something of that nature. With the way people use cell phones today i think we should just have a phone book with all cell phone numbers. My preference for Smartphones is the one that i have now and that would be a Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Tour, I havent had it for that long maybe only about four months now and I love my Tour. It just allows me to do so much stuff that you cant normally do on regualr phones like text multiple people at once and all my school and personal emails come right to my phone. My Blackberry is like a computer that fits in my pocket that i take with me everywhere i go. Smartphones are here to stay and they are only getting smarter which makes them even hareder to live without.

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