Thursday, April 1, 2010

NBA Playoffs or NCAA Tournament?

NBA Playoffs or NCAA Tournament? It's your choice whichever one you like the best but both are very exciting. My choice would have to be the NCAA Tournament because i like to see upsets and they rarely ever happen in the NBA but they happen almost every year in the NCAA Tournament. The last time a team got upset in the NBA Playoffs was in 2007 when the last seeded Golden State Warriors beat the top seeded Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs in a seven game series. Their have been plenty off upsets this year in the college tournament because only one number one seed has made it to the Final Four. This year in the NCAA Tournament Kansas lost to the University of Northern Iowa a relatively small school compared to the competition and Syracuse lost to Butler. Those a just a few of the many upsets that have happened this year in the college tournament. Even though my choice is the NCAA over the NBA that doesnt mean that the NBA is a good game though. The NBA players are much more skilled and athletic so it makes for a much better game but when wathcing the NBA playoffs pretty much the best teams always win on a nightly basis, but when watching the college tournament you should expect the unexpected. So can it be that Butler will be our 2010 National Champions?

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